“Bootcamp” update

I haven’t forgotten about my “bootcamp,” but I did forget to post updates. (Thank god, I know.) I was pretty sore after Sunday’s race, so I took it pretty easy Monday morning, just keeping my legs loose. A few minutes on the stair stepping escalator thingy, a few minutes on the elliptical, some strength training, etc.

But I was pretty exhausted after that, so I did take Tuesday off. Back to it this morning, with a nice three mile run on the treadmill. Only problem is, I forgot my fitbit. I hate that! It’s like it didn’t happen now. Blah.

Other things that have happened:

– cut Linus’s hair last night, the other two will get shorn tonight. It’s fun to have one looking so different. Too bad the only haircut I can do is the 5/8″ with the clipper all the way around.

And, that’s about it. Yeah. So. Until tomorrow!

Race Report: Shamrockin’ Run 8k

The traditional pre-race selfie.
The traditional pre-race selfie.

This is the third year of this race, and my third year doing it. I guess I’ll have to do it every year, from now on, til the end of time. Because, as you may have guessed, when I start a streak, I have a hard time stopping.

I only signed up for the race on Monday, though. I wasn’t planning on running it, but Heather asked, and I relented. I haven’t been running a ton lately, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to run the whole thing. I ran the whole thing (8k is a hair shy of 5 miles – and I mean really, it’s 4.97 miles) for the past two years, and I didn’t think this year it would be possible.

But I looked at the weather forecast, and it looked fine – overcast and coolish.

So, you know, I did it. I mean, not much to say. I started running (at what I judged, very nicely, to be a 12 minute mile) and just didn’t stop. I mean, that’s how you do it, right? I had Runkeeper on to tell me every 3 minutes how my pace was, so that helped, though I think the GPS must’ve gotten wonky during mile 2, because suddenly it wasn’t exactly the same as the race course. (There were timing mats at every mile, which was nice.

Anyhoo, that’s about it. I wanted to finish in under and hour, and voila:


I mean, talk about just coming in under the wire! 59:59!

A few notes about the race:

I find the classification as anyone slower than 11 minute miles as a walker pretty insulting. I didn’t walk a step.


I drank a Guinness at the end. I don’t really like Guinness, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world at 10am today.


Now I suppose I may as well sign up for next year now, when it’s super cheap.

Tuesday, March 10

I suppose I could come up with better post titles, but I really don’t want to name them all “DIY Bootcamp Day 2.” What if I manage to keep up with this for an extended period of time? I don’t want to have DIY Bootcamp Day 273.” Well, I mean, I do, but I don’t, if you know what I mean.

Anyway. Got to bed earlier last night, so was definitely a bit more well-rested (though was in the middle of a weird dream about miniscule bunnies in a balloon and my friend Lindsay and the zoo when the alarm went off) and this time managed a bit over 3 miles in 35 minutes.

My friend Heather is trying to convince me to do the Shamrock Run on Sunday (I’ve done it for the past two years, ever since it started, and part of me does like the idea of doing a race every year from the beginning) but I don’t know if I can run the whole thing (it’s 8K which is very nearly 5 miles, and maybe I can if I run slow enough, but it’s also mid-March and it could be warm and humid) but I have to decide today because the price goes up $15 tomorrow.

Also, you may have noticed I left out any mention of strength training. Well, I did a set of tricep somethings, but then I decided maybe I could do my arm stuff at home. So if anyone has a source of an arm routine that I can do at home that doesn’t involve the floor, I’m all ears.

In other, non-fitness news, Oliver and I had some one-on-one time at IHOP last night (every time I want to write iHop, good lord) which was super sweet and fun. We rode the bus (I mean, we sat on the same side of the booth, which in my opinion is only acceptable for parents and children) and ate pancakes. Well, Oliver ate the shit out of some chicken and waffles AND a short stack. So now I know how to fatten that kid up. I very virtuously only ate 2/3 of my Harvest Nut ‘n’ Grain waffles.

Oh, one last thing. If you blog (regularly or not) can you fill out this very short survey for me? Thanks!

DIY Bootcamp, day 1

Even though I didn’t get to sleep until later than I’d hoped (as is always the case on Sunday nights) I got right up when my alarm went off at 5:15, stumbled into my workout clothes and managed to be at the gym by 5:30.

I think it helped that I had my gym bag ready to go downstairs, next to my shoes. It’s easy enough to remember to put my clothes out, but it’s the stumbling around in the morning downstairs, finding a towel and water bottle and putting everything in a bag that takes more time than it should.

So, my workout. Best to start small and work my way up, right? I had said 35 minutes of cardio, so I spent it on the treadmill. I was feeling tired, so I decided to do a walk/run today. Walk a minute, run two or three. Took it pretty easy. 2.82 miles in 35 minutes. And then I spent a bit of time on the abs circuit, but not the 15 minutes I’d planned. I want to be home by 6:30, which means leaving at 6:20, and I got off the treadmill at 6:10, so I need to work in my timing. Maybe get up a few minutes earlier. We’ll see tomorrow.

A few pictures from yesterday afternoon, to keep this from being a total snoozefest.

Fitness accountability

I’ve been rather lax lately in my gym attendance. Ironically, part of it is because I got that treadmill that I walk on when working. I suppose I feel like that’s enough exercise. Of course it’s not. Then again, I haven’t been walking a ton either, so really it just comes down to laziness.

I thought about joining a bootcamp that meets at 5:30 on weekday mornings, but why should I shell out a bunch of money when I already belong to a gym?

Instead, I’m going to commit to going to the gym early in the morning (5:30 am) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. And I’m going to bore you all to death by posting afterwards, so I can be accountable to someone other than myself.

And I need a plan for when I’m at the gym. While I know I won’t be working as hard as I would be if I were participating in a fitness boot camp, I do need to make sure I don’t totally slack off. My main goal here is to not feel like a blobby sloth when we go to England in June.

I also want to do the Rocketchix triathlon again in July. Remembering I’ll be wearing black spandex again is a powerful motivator.

I’ll start with 35 minutes of cardio (3 mile run, more than likely) and then spend 15 minutes doing strength training. I should probably do more strength training, but I get bored easily. My gym has a 12 minute abs circuit, which would be a good use of my time, but no one uses it properly and it’s kind of infuriating. Hmm.Okay, so look out for my first post tomorrow! And I apologize in advance for the super boring posts.