107 and grainy

I did take this yesterday, but I didn’t post it because I took it on my new iPhone and while I liked the smiles, I wasn’t happy with the photo quality (it was still sorta darkish outside when I took it so it’s grainy because of low light) so I was going to try to take another picture with my big camera later, but we had a birthday party and I forgot my camera and we were late to the birthday party anyway and who wants a monthly picture outside of Laser Tag?

So, month 107, just 30 days from NINE YEARS OLD.


For funsies, a collage of the previous November 4 photos:

New camera/new phone

Got a new phone. That has a really nice camera.

After a few weeks of waiting and using my shattered phone, my shiny new rose gold iPhone 7+ arrived. I debated for a while between the 7 (ideal size) and 7+ (fancy fun camera) and the fancy fun camera won out.

And I’m so pleased! Look at these photos – the left photo is “normal”, the right has the “portrait” mode on (blurry background from a shallow depth of field but it’s all computer generated.) None of these have been edited, btw. Straight off the camera.


Oh, and Hank says CHEEEEEEEEESE: