Seventh grade is the worst

I wrote a sincere, non-sarcastic, non-jokey post for the New Orleans Mom. Uh, enjoy?

(Bonus hilariously bad picture of me from 1987 if you click through!)

Slumber party musings…

My latest post over on the New Orleans Moms Blog…

It was after I made the doughnut run the next morning on mere minutes of sleep (I may exaggerate, slightly) while the children were passed out, draped over various pieces of furniture with video game controllers slipping from their fingers, pizza crusts and chips ground into the sofa, and Capri Sun packets littering the floor, that I made the solemn oath that next year we’d have a nice, calm party during the day at, like, McDonald’s or something.


I have to admit I had fun writing this one.

Thanks to my friend Jenn for the idea. I was agonizing over the very thought of yet another slumber party, and she suggested I write a blog post about. So I did. Though I still am not sure about it, and it’d be two weeks from tomorrow, so I guess I’d better make a decision fast.

Sewing and soccer

I started to make this just about sewing, but there’s more to life than sewing, you know.

There’s soccer, of course.


Speaking of, my latest post for NOMB came out today.


Generally tongue in cheek, as I am wont to do. Check it out!

Okay, this is probably really, really wrong of me. But I was videoing some of the soccer game because I knew the boys would want to watch it, and I just happened to get a video of this kid on the other team getting knocked over by a ball. He was FINE. But the video is VERY FUNNY. SO I can’t decide if I should share it or not. Hmm. How about I won’t embed it, but I’ll put a link here so you can click on it if you want to be as evil as me and watch a little kid get conked in the head with a soccer ball? Fair enough. (And yes. I slowed it down so you could see it even better.)

Last weekend, some long-lost (not really) cousins were in town and we had lunch with them. I wish I had some pictures. We were half an hour late because the French Quarter was packed so it took us forever to park so I was too frazzled to take pictures. Except of my barbecue oyster poboy. Mmmmmm.

Oh, and my Uncle Lee was here and he showed me a photo of my Aunt Nancy from when she was younger. She was my dad’s big sister, and of course I only knew her when she was older so it was lovely to see this.

Oh, look at these adorable sailors in the FQ for Navy Week!

Sewing-wise, I made this dress and this dress and both were fails (one was WAY too big, and I don’t feel like going back and reprinting and taping the pattern in a smaller size, the other was just…meh) and then I decided I needed to try the Cashmerette Springfield top again because by golly I wasn’t going to give up on it, and I was much more successful the second time. Except the bust darts were too high and the arm holes a smidge tight.

Try three was a winner! My friend Jessica sews kid’s clothes for a living and had two full boxes of adorable fabrics that she gave me and I am in HEAVEN. I made both of those Springfield tops out of fabric she gave me. I love the plaid!

And then last night I decided to try the Cashmerette Washington dress and as seems to be the case with these patterns, they don’t fit right the first time so I am going to re-make the bodice in a different fabric tonight and see if it works better. I hope so!

I also am excited about trying out this dress pattern and this skirt pattern. This weekend, I hope I can get to at least one of them!

Oh, but my nieces’ birthdays are coming up and I want to make them things too. So much to sew, so little time!

Ooh, and look at my cute shoes!


Also I’ve been to Orangetheory five times in a row now because I want to get this stupid t-shirt that you have to earn by completing “a marathon” in April. Which normally, fine, 26.2 miles over the course of a month’s worth of workouts wouldn’t be so difficult except that I was out for about 10 days of the month because of travel and a funeral last week. So I might fall apart by the end of the month but BY GOD I WILL HAVE A SHIRT THAT IS PROBABLY TOO SMALL.

Five years of posts

Not here, silly. But I’ve been posted over at the New Orleans Moms Blog for five years, and I was thinking about some of the posts I’ve written in that time, and how things have changed in some ways, and how they really haven’t in others. Go check it out!


(And look how much the boys have grown in that time!)

Busiest weekend ever!

Here’s how it looked:

Saturday morning:

Up bright and early(ish) to go with Stephanie to City Park. We have a mutual friend who works there, and she needed people to be in the background at the amusement park for promotional materials for a Christmas event. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find Christmas accessories at this time of year. Normally I’d be grateful for that. But not when I really needed it.

ANYWAY, Big Lots came through for us and I picked up a few sparkly headbands and light up necklaces.


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January 22, 23, 2016 (and other stuff)

On the 22nd of January, Ziggy destroyed his dog bed. Sigh.

On the 23rd of January, I went wig shopping at Fifi Mahony’s and wore it to a parade that evening. Heather also got a wig. I just realized I used all of my birthday money on hair. My mom gave me some that I used to get it chopped, and my in-laws gave me some that I used for this fabulous wig. Woot!

In other news (I haven’t really blogged much lately besides pics) my latest New Orleans Moms Blog post is up. I used an old picture of Oliver for this one.


Another one bites the dust

Why do I ignore my instincts?

sickmilesMiles fell asleep on the sofa at 7:30 Sunday night. I should have known right then and there that he was sick. Sure enough, yesterday afternoon I got a call from the school nurse that he had a fever. So I took him to the pediatrician and he has tonsillitis. So not even the same thing Oliver had.

But then this morning, Linus woke up with a croupy cough and a sore throat. Oliver’s sickness started with a croupy cough. So I decided just to keep him home from school. May as well. Guess I’ll take him to the doctor this afternoon. Why not?!?

But there was something really sweet to come out of all this. Last night, Miles was sleeping on the sofa, just burning up (one thermometer was saying 104 but the other said 101, so WHO KNOWS) and Oliver was stroking his head, worried about his sick brother. So sweet. Later on, when I was able to get Miles into bed, Oliver helped tuck him in and brought him his favorite stuffed animals. Gah.

In other news, my latest post on the New Orleans Moms Blog is up. Check it out!


My boys and me

I had a friend take a picture of the boys and me at the New Orleans Moms Blog Easter egg hunt today. They had more fun helping with the setup than actually hunting for stuff. That said, we brought home plenty of Smarties. Woot!