Busiest weekend ever!

Here’s how it looked:

Saturday morning:

Up bright and early(ish) to go with Stephanie to City Park. We have a mutual friend who works there, and she needed people to be in the background at the amusement park for promotional materials for a Christmas event. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find Christmas accessories at this time of year. Normally I’d be grateful for that. But not when I really needed it.

ANYWAY, Big Lots came through for us and I picked up a few sparkly headbands and light up necklaces.


We had lots of fun. Got to ride the Ladybug roller coaster a jillion times, and played in the Wacky Shack, and got shoved down the giant terrifying slide by Stephanie. Here’s Steph going down (if there’s a video of me, I’m cursing the whole way down.)

That last hump is a doozy.

After that, we went and had brunch and I had an amazing waffle sandwich.

Then as soon as I got home I went to run errands for the boys’ Halloween costumes. You see, that night was the school Halloween dance and there was still some work to be done. First order of business, brown polyester dye for Oliver’s costume. (I just made a really crappy “shirt” out of fleece, but turns out the fleece I bought was too light for a brown raccoon.) (Raccoons are gray, OLIVER.)

Then I headed to Target to pick up some orange pants for Miles’s costume that I’d seen online. But they weren’t orange, really, more of an orangey brown, and wouldn’t work with the neon orange shirt he had so I spent an ungodly amount of time looking for orange pants and THEY DO NOT EXIST except online I guess so sorry Miles, you have to wear orange shorts instead.

Oh, and the day before we’d gone shopping for Linus’s costume (vampire) and we found a good one (and okay FINE some brown raccoon accessories so I guess some of them ARE brown) but when we opened it Saturday morning the pants were missing so I had to return those too.

At least I got this fun wine glass.


So then I get home and boil Oliver’s costume with dye, manage to keep it off myself, and make ears for Miles’s costume, and put vampire makeup on Linus and oh right, the other two need animal faces.

FINALLY we leave the house with three, if I may say, adorable little boys. I mean, vampire, brown raccoon, fox.

I dropped them off at the dance with ten bucks each for the snack bar


and went and had some poke for dinner. Yum!


I love how sleazy Linus looked after the dance with his cape off. Like a hard-living rock star.


The next morning, I had to be up at the crack of dawn for the New Orleans Moms Blog Halloween event. Oliver and Linus wanted to come with me, so we all headed out while it was still dark outside. I worked registration most of the time. The boys ran around the mall (it was safe, it was closed to the public) and trick-or-treated and ate a ton of cookies and candy and beignets. So that was fun.


After that I took a long nap and somewhat recovered from the weekend. But at least it was fun!


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  1. Aunt Deanne

    Pam, you are definitely your Grandmother Louise’s granddaughter, except for knowing how to drive before age 50!


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