Ten (eleven?) Halloweens

What the heck? How can this be the boys’ tenth Halloween? I suppose we could say it’s their eleventh. Ten years ago at about 28 weeks pregnant, I dressed up as a magic 8 ball, which was pretty fun. I wish I had better pictures of my costume, but this is the only one I have…

2007: Magic 8 ball

The costumes improved a bit after they were extracted from the womb…

2008: Candy
2009: Monkeys (and a bunch of bananas)
2010: Woody(s)! And Jessie.
2011: Construction workers
2012: Superheroes! (Note Ironman’s feet)
2013: Power Ranger, Anakin, Power Ranger
2014: Hulk, Wyld Style, some Transformer, Mario
2015: The Pokemon year
2016: Ninjas
2017: Little fox, vampire, brown raccoon (named Darcy)

Busiest weekend ever!

Here’s how it looked:

Saturday morning:

Up bright and early(ish) to go with Stephanie to City Park. We have a mutual friend who works there, and she needed people to be in the background at the amusement park for promotional materials for a Christmas event. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find Christmas accessories at this time of year. Normally I’d be grateful for that. But not when I really needed it.

ANYWAY, Big Lots came through for us and I picked up a few sparkly headbands and light up necklaces.


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Halloween 2015

Right, technically that’s tomorrow. But because of major thunderstorms coming through, everyone is trick or treating tonight. Plus, it’s Halloween at school. So yeah, today is essentially Halloween.

People are way up in arms about “moving Halloween” and saying, “in my day we trick or treated in the rain and snow, uphill both ways” but you know, I’m happy not to go out in a downpour. Even for candy. And you know how I feel about candy. (Very positively, in case you didn’t.)

But that’s beside the point. The main point is this adorableness…


All Pokemon characters. I’m sure you knew that already.

Oh, this is amusing/distressing/outrageous. Linus needed an orange shirt to wear under his costume and the only one I could find was this old shirt I wore to Mardi Gras in 2005. It’s funny because of what it says on the front. It’s distressing and outrageous because it’s a woman’s XL shirt and it fits my 7 year old perfectly. He’s normal sized, the shirt is not.

on a seven year old
on a thirty year old

Anyhoo. So tonight we trick or treat! And since tomorrow morning is the half marathon, you can bet my carb loading will take this form:

Bowl of smarties

Oh, and if you’re wondering what to do with your kids’ Halloween candy, check out the post I wrote a couple of years ago.

How to Deal With Halloween Candy

All of the boys’ costumes so far can be found here.

Halloween 2014

I can’t believe I never posted a photo of the boys and I last year for Halloween. So here it is. For my records.


Since it was four days before I had LASIK, I had to wear my glasses, which is not part of Wyldstyle’s costume, but I had no choice.


There. Hands in LEGO position and everything. That’s dedication, man.

More Halloween festivities

When did Halloween get to be such a long, drawn-out holiday? When I was a kid, it lasted one night. Maybe two days total if it fell on a weekend. (Yeah, yeah, get off my lawn and all that.)

We did Boo at the Zoo a week ago, and then this past Saturday night was Ghost in the Oaks. Both really fun events, but yesterday there was a neighborhood party and the boys were just like, ENOUGH ALREADY. Plus it was 85 degrees, and who wants to wear polyester costumes with fake muscles in that kind of heat? Not my kids.

I don’t mean to sound too grumpy. After all, stealing the boys’ Halloween candy is a sport at this time of year. It’s my hobby. It brings joy to my life. And the more events we go to, the more Smarties and Snickers to steal.

Some pics from Ghost in the Oaks:

And a time lapse video of the Scrambler. SO FAST!

It’s “Fall” so we went to the pumpkin patch

The boys are on Fall Break this week (don’t even get me started on this ridiculousness…I’m just lucky I work from home now, because this is bullshit for working parents) so I took today off so we could go to the pumpkin patch. I’d been eying the forecast for the past few days, and today was shaping up to be cool enough to make the trip and not be totally miserable.

The weather was gorgeous, as promised, but a bit warmer than I would have liked. I mean, is it too much to ask for the air to be crisp when you’re at a pumpkin patch? Of course, we’re in south Louisiana. I’m fairly certain it’s not a real pumpkin patch anyway. I could see the giant crates of pumpkins that they litter a field with, and it was pretty obvious they were shipped in from elsewhere. Never mind, it’s not like it matters. It’s a great place and I’m sounding very grumpy about it.

After the hour-long trip to get to the pumpkin patch, we sat down for our picnic lunch. I’d promised it was too chilly for bees to come out, but I was a lying liar. There were bees. Miles freaked out, wouldn’t eat. Linus sat calmly and finished his food.


After “lunch”, they milked a cow. Nature, man.


Then they went on the giant bouncy pillow thing.

Then they went on the zipline thing, but I have no pictures of that, because I was too busy trying to hold a rubber tire horse thingy in place and simultaneously lift a 50-lb child onto it.

Then they rode on ponies. Miles had words with his recalcitrant equine.

Then I saw a shady spot that would make a good background for a group selfie. I was right.

Photo Oct 14, 12 36 32 PM

Then the boys climbed all over the haystacks. That was fun. They cooperated for some group pics, they jumped from stack to stack, they played with other kids, etc.

At least I got a good group picture.
At least I got a good group picture.

When they were done playing in hay, they wanted to go down a slide. A slide with a puddle at the bottom. After Oliver ended up sitting in said puddle, he declared it a terrible day. Gee, thanks, kid. His brothers mocked his tears, which didn’t help much. We picked out some pumpkins. The selection was weak. Whatever. I had given up on photos by this point.

Before leaving, I told them we’d get drinks and a snack. Oliver and Linus picked Sprite (judge all you want, they never drink soft drinks) but guess what else likes sugary beverages? That’s right, bees. Again, Linus was like, “whatever” but Oliver was freaking out. I ended up throwing the can in the trash to the sounds of Oliver’s declarations that this was indeed THE WORST DAY OF HIS ENTIRE LIFE. Dramatic much?

Next year…grocery store.


Sweet brotherly moment

That guy in the middle is the coolest.

So, as predicted, Miles had some costume regrets after he decided on a Luke Skywalker costume (actually, it’s an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume, but whatever) while his brothers chose to be Power Rangers. I was so delighted that he chose something different, on his own, that I didn’t push him very hard to reconsider, and maybe I should have. Or not, because then I wouldn’t have witnessed this disgustingly sweet moment…

The other morning, they were playing in their costumes, and Oliver and Linus both came up to me in private, separately, to suggest that I tell Miles how cool his costume is. “Don’t tell him we told you to say that.”

A little while later, after I effusively complimented Miles’s outfit, I heard his brothers say, “Woah, Miles, that costume is SO COOL. It is WAY cooler than ours. Woah.”

And then I melted into a puddle of goo, the end.

Happy Trick or Treat!

That’s how the boys greeted each house we went up to tonight. I have to say, trick or treating this year was so fun. They overcame their shyness after a couple of houses (all it took was for them to see they were getting CANDY) and then were running from house to house, yelling “Happy Trick or Treat!” Ahh, my heart. It was so cute.

And since tomorrow people will already be sick of hearing about Halloween, I want to share some other pictures from our weekend now, before it’s too late.

Sunday, we went to the zoo with Ren and her girls (and her niece) and since she said they were wearing their costumes, I brought the boys’ in case they decided to wear them. They did, and I’m glad because they were even cuter in person than I could have hoped. Or maybe I’m biased. Naah!

But first we had lunch with some other friends, and I have to share this picture of Chloe…what a gorgeous kid. She is going to break at least one of my boys’ hearts.

So, on to the zoo. They had all kinds of fun/creepy animals, and much to my chagrin, the boys wanted to pet a rat’s tail. Blech. Oh yeah, NOW they get brave…


I took them on the train, and while trying to get a picture of all three sitting, in their costumes, they FREAKED OUT. They thought I was going to get left behind. Sigh.

Hee hee hee! Miles. He makes me laugh.

At least Ren was able to get this one with my phone.

After the zoo, we went to a neighborhood Halloween party, but I was too wiped out to take many pictures. The boys’ favorite part was the cookie-decorating table. Surprise, surprise.

Today, I tried to get a picture of the boys in front of the construction across the street, but a bunch of the workmen were smiling and pointing at them, so they got shy and wouldn’t let me. But one of the workers came over and brought them three pairs of sunglasses. Love!

I was able to get this one in front of school:
halloween2011 293.jpg

After school, we played outside for a while and I was able to get a shot in front of the construction. Man, I cannot wait for this to be finished.


Soon after, we were on our way to trick or treat, but having to hold the hands of three little boys precluded me from taking pictures. Trust me, it was cute.

And now I have THREE bags of candy to raid! Mwah ha ha ha ha…