The Great Road Trip of 2019: Part 2 (off the road)

So I’ve already blogged about the two days we spent in NYC as well as the fun we had getting to Virginia. But most of our trip was actually IN Virginia and we did a lot there, so I need to post about that now!

So uh let’s see. We arrived in Virginia Thursday night and were all pretty exhausted. Dinner. Wine. Sleep.

Friday we walked to Chipotle for lunch. Then we got ready to go our first professional soccer game. The boys were very excited. We went to Audi Field to watch DC United play New England something. I can’t remember. The boys got free scarves! The sunset from the stadium was gorgeous. Anyway, ultimately the game ended in 2-2 but we didn’t mind because it was exciting.

Saturday, the boys and I drove to my sister’s in Clifton. It’s about half an hour from Kiki’s, and it’s a pretty drive if you take the shorter (I think) route but it’s also windy and hilly so I prefer to take the boring highway route. I know, it’s bad but what can I say?

I’m going to put the rest of this behind this link. There’s a lot.

Meanwhile, back in the USA

While George and I were off gallivanting across Merry Olde England, the boys were spending plenty of Quality Time with their maternal grandparents.

I don’t know everything they did, but here’s what I do know:

They took a yo-yo class:


They went to the beach, where they swam in a pool:


They visited a naval museum:


And ate the kinds of food only a grandparent can guiltlessly provide:

11402641_10205200799718402_7048835999326116086_o 11415563_10205208946522067_9145456900362348296_o

I know they went fishing and walked on the beach but I don’t have photos for those. I know they had a great time.

I also know, poor things, didn’t have enough clothes and were apparently dressed like orphans because their terrible mama doesn’t know how to pack a suitcase. Apparently. I don’t know how they all survived. I really need to up my organization game.

I also assume an Oreo commercial is in the pipeline. Nabisco! Gimme a call!