66 months old!

66 months old!

Not only is today the much-anticipated FIVE AND A HALF (I swear, they’ve been asking since December 5 when they were going to turn five and a half), but it’s also the last day of school. More on that later.

But look how little they were on the first day of school!

PreK-4 pic

Just the one. I only got Oliver’s back, and there were supposed to be retakes, but it was a tumultuous year for their school, so I never got them (or the others.) But in the interest of completion…I’ll put it here three times. šŸ˜€



One more “last day of school” post

This is the picture I took on the steps of the school on the first day, before we went in for the first time. August 18, 2011.

firstdayofschool 022.jpg

And compare that to these big, filthy guys:


What a great school year it was! I’m so excited to see what the upcoming years bring…