One more “last day of school” post

This is the picture I took on the steps of the school on the first day, before we went in for the first time. August 18, 2011.

firstdayofschool 022.jpg

And compare that to these big, filthy guys:


What a great school year it was! I’m so excited to see what the upcoming years bring…

5 thoughts on “One more “last day of school” post

  1. Sara

    They look so grown-up (even with the strap chewing)! Glad you had such a great experience with your preschool!


  2. Denise Reichenbach

    It’s been so much fun following the boys this year…You have been so sweet to include us in your families adventures….Thank you ever so much….Ms. Jon Bright’s Mother…Sent with love, Denise..


  3. Kristin6097

    I’m just curious, is the same boy chewing on the strap? I’ve been reading your blog for years but still can’t tell the boys apart in pictures. I love them! they are adorable.


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