Linus and Miles were trying on potential Halloween costumes here. Only problem is, there isn’t a great third costume for Oliver! Ah well, we have time.

Anyway, I like this picture because it looks like they’re having a conference.

12 thoughts on “08/30/10

  1. Kay

    I was thinking the same (about Big Bird)…..but, tell me, how do you keep from having a fight about any of the costumes??


    1. pyjammy

      The problem is, there aren’t any toddler sized Grover or Oscar costumes! There is a Big Bird one, though.


  2. Laurie

    TOO CUTE!!! My vote is as a cookie (to go with cookie monster?) or kick it old school and be Mr. Hooper! I can just see a graying bald wig in his future! Are yall going to Boo at the Zoo again this year? We’ll be there on the 23rd.


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