Woo hoo! Found out last night that I do not have Gestational Diabetes! If you know me, you know this is a big deal – I honestly don’t know how I’d survive without sugar. Clearly, my years of training by being a sugar fiend have paid off! Heh. My doctor even said I passed the glucose tolerance test “with flying colors”! Woo!

In a complete topic change, I just want to alert those out there who will be visiting and helping out with the babies – please get a flu shot. I’m letting you know now so that you have time to get it before they come. I’ll write a longer post about it later, but it’s just one of the ways we are going to have to try to prevent the babies from contracting RSV, a very dangerous disease in preemies.

If you want to read more about it, here are some websites:

RSV at the March of Dimes website

So, you get the point…it’s dangerous for teeny babies. Flu shots are easy! Two seconds!

And in yet other news, Emily’s coming in tonight!!! Yaaaay!