Home again

Got home from the Grand Meetup Monday night and MAN was it good to see the boys and George. I got so many good hugs. And the boys’ front teeth all seem to have now fully come in, so they looked older and different. Sigh.

The evening I got home I got to meet Gareth’s sister and cousin, who had come over from the UK. They were lovely, and I wish I could have spent more time getting to know them. Well, we’ll just have to make another trip over, that’s all!

One of the hardest things about being away last week was missing Gareth’s service, but I was able to help a bit by making the slideshow for the service and one that played continuously at the pub afterwards. I got lots of positive feedback on it, so that felt nice.

When I was in Park City, I wrote a post for the New Orleans Moms Blog about how much I love my neighborhood, and it was kind of a clumsy word vomit of emotion, but sometimes you just have to.

I hate a post without any photos, so here’s a #tbt for ya. Technically, it was 5 years ago yesterday, but it seems as if my photos from October 22 through the years have been less than scintillating.

Anyway, it’s adorbs. Linus and Emily at the pumpkin patch when I took him to Virginia.


At least you can’t see the poison oak he had which made much of our trip a living hell. Good times, good times.

The differences, early on

Last night, one of my coworkers sent me down a rabbit hole of old videos of the boys (it’s not hard, honestly) and I found a really freaking adorable one of them wearing their jammies at 10 months old. (That means it was October 2008, six years ago this month. Oof.) As I was watching the video, it occurred to me that even then, the differences that I pointed out in this video were evident even six years ago.

Take a look…