365 in 2014: 01/02/14

The boys had their 6 year well visit today.

Linus: 47.8 lbs (50th); 45.8″ tall (50th)

Oliver: 44.8 lbs (50th); 45.8″ tall (50th)

Miles: 50 lbs (50-75th); 46.3″ tall (50th)

Compared to their 5 year stats:

Linus: 42 lbs (50th); 43.9″ tall (50-75th)

Oliver: 40.5 lbs (50th); 44″ tall (50-75th)

Miles: 42.1 lbs (50-75th); 44.2″ tall (75th)

So, Miles has gained 8 lbs, and Oliver has gained 4. They’ve grown about 2″, which seems like not very much, especially since people say they look so much taller. I’m not surprised Miles is now outweighing his brothers (unlike at birth), because he eats more, and what he does eat is somewhat healthier.

But overall, they’re all doing fine, and were just advised to eat more fruits and veggies. Ha, if only it was that easy, right?

(P.S. That’s Miles in the picture.)