Four years old

I was trying to make Miles look at old pictures of himself with me, but surprisingly, he was not interested. But that didn’t stop me, and I found these videos and now I cannot function any longer.

This is the whole video from the “Totally identical” video that got us on the front page of Yahoo Japan.

and this is the one I couldn’t stop watching last night.

Tiny triplets

The other night I was looking for a specific old video clip and I was shocked to come across some old videos of the boys as newborns that I had never seen before. Well, obviously I had seen them at some point because I was the one recording them, but I have absolutely no recollection of them.

This is a video of George holding Oliver the night we roomed in with him at the hospital, the night before we brought him home. He came home two days before his brothers. The most special part of this video for me is the very end. I was always very sad that I didn’t have any “going home” photos of me holding the boys as they wheeled me out of the hospital. I still don’t, but this little shot of Oliver in his carseat as George jingles the keys to get the car made me cry a little, I’m not going to lie.

And I love this because it’s a video version of this photo that I’ve looked at a zillion times. It’s the first day they were all home together, December 17, 2007.


This is why I’m a digital hoarder!


Progress on guitar

The boys are learning a twenty one pilots song at guitar lessons. So proud of how far they’ve come, especially considering how little they practice. 😐

Weekend and things

Had a lovely weekend. Went to Orange Theory Saturday morning, then took Oliver to Target to get a pair of pajamas (in theory they all have pajama day this week, but I haven’t actually heard anything about it from their teachers, but it’s not like he’s not going to wear his new pajamas that have the design of some YouTube dude he admires. [WTF, btw. A guy who makes YouTube videos has licensed stuff like pajamas. Also he has blue hair. That is not a coincidence.])


After the pajama trek, I went and drank wine in Heather’s backyard, and was in theory going to only be there for an hour or two but that turned into coming home at midnight. Ooops. So didn’t go to OTF on Sunday as planned. Instead, made these delicious chocolate chip cookies to bring to my cousin Lisa’s house.

Going to Lisa’s house is always fun. The boys love her boys (who are not really boys anymore, but legit grownups) and there’s always delicious food (some insane corn dip yesterday is something I need to eat every day except not really because it has mayo in it) and Lisa and her husband are super laid back, so it’s just nice.

FullSizeRender 13
They are very comfortable at Lisa’s. Maybe too comfortable.

Eli and the boys. Awww!

But the best part is they have a deck along the back of the house, which makes the perfect stage, so now you have to watch this play the boys put on. JK you only have to watch it if you’re related to us.

After the play, snowballs!


Want to talk a tiny bit more about OTF – I’ve been going a bit over a month now and it’s exciting because I can see muscles that were not there before! Today I was doing this arm exercise thingy, and I couldn’t take my eyes off some muscle, while sweat dripped down my nose. Tomorrow I have an appointment for an assessment with one of the trainers, and I really wish I’d done that before I started. But it’ll be interesting to see my progress from here on out.

Random cute picture of Miles and Ziggy:


It’s the last week of second grade! I can’t believe it. I’ll be glad not to have to do the drive to school every afternoon, but I don’t think I’m ready for third graders.

100 monthly pics…the stats

Some silly stats about the monthly pics so far…

  • 8 taken on the wrong day (gasp!) (usually because I was out of town and couldn’t take it myself)
  • 23 taken on the loveseat
  • 29 taken on the side of the house
  • 1 taken underwater
  • 4 special guests (Ziggy, Ellie, Millie, Daddy)
  • 1 taken by someone else (I decided it was better to be taken on the right day than by me. Larry took one when George and I were in England last summer.)
  • 6 taken out of town
  • unknowable number of bribes

I’m editing this post to add, at my friend Liz’s request, some stats about the order.

LOM: 38 times
LMO: 10 times
MOL: 22 times
MLO: 11 times
OLM: 11 times
OML: 8 times

Oliver clearly likes to be in the middle, when possible. (60%)
Linus is first 48% of the time. Miles is, 33% of the time, and Oliver just 19%Miles is rarely in the middle, just 18% of the time.

What does this all mean? Heck if I know.


Turns out Millie and Linus played a trick on me and hid my camera in his bag. Whew!

I didn’t get many good pics on Sunday anyway, but this video of Linus doing a flip underwater is fun. Nice, eh?

We are kind of evil.

I mean, we got the boys’ the gifts they have been wanting for months. But I had to make it fun for us too…

It is kind of heartbreakingly sweet how much they pretended to love their t-shirts and pajamas. You should have seen the dejection on their faces when they thought that’s all they were getting.

And then when they thought they were getting Lego sets they already had…

But I got tons of hugs after they got down to the real presents, and I was so proud that they didn’t whine or complain, but instead tried to make the most of lame gifts.

The differences, early on

Last night, one of my coworkers sent me down a rabbit hole of old videos of the boys (it’s not hard, honestly) and I found a really freaking adorable one of them wearing their jammies at 10 months old. (That means it was October 2008, six years ago this month. Oof.) As I was watching the video, it occurred to me that even then, the differences that I pointed out in this video were evident even six years ago.

Take a look…


03/05/11, originally uploaded by pyjammy.

Yesterday we were kind of stuck in the house all day, so I decided to let the boys play in the tub for a while. Here ya go…

Oh, and you might want to make sure your volume isn’t all the way up. Miles started making a noise like an angry cat, and it’s not something you want to hear at top volume.

You also get to hear how I can’t get my kids’ names right, and the beginning of my scream when Linus starting pouring water out of the tub.