100 monthly pics…the stats

Some silly stats about the monthly pics so far…

  • 8 taken on the wrong day (gasp!) (usually because I was out of town and couldn’t take it myself)
  • 23 taken on the loveseat
  • 29 taken on the side of the house
  • 1 taken underwater
  • 4 special guests (Ziggy, Ellie, Millie, Daddy)
  • 1 taken by someone else (I decided it was better to be taken on the right day than by me. Larry took one when George and I were in England last summer.)
  • 6 taken out of town
  • unknowable number of bribes

I’m editing this post to add, at my friend Liz’s request, some stats about the order.

LOM: 38 times
LMO: 10 times
MOL: 22 times
MLO: 11 times
OLM: 11 times
OML: 8 times

Oliver clearly likes to be in the middle, when possible. (60%)
Linus is first 48% of the time. Miles is, 33% of the time, and Oliver just 19%Miles is rarely in the middle, just 18% of the time.

What does this all mean? Heck if I know.

2 thoughts on “100 monthly pics…the stats

  1. Tena

    OMG. Now I’m feeling all choked up because my own little boy (1 month younger than your boys) has grown up and changed just as much as these 3. What a cool thing you have now that you persisted in taking all these pictures!


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