July 25, 2001

I haven’t been running much, so I haven’t been writing much. Monday evening, Kristina and I went running, but that’s all we’ve done since last Tuesday. It was really hot and humid as well, so we only made it once around, although we ran at a faster pace than usual. I felt good about what we did, even though we didn’t do much.

I spent most of last week icing my shin and wearing a compression thingy. I think it worked, though I still have minor aches and pains in my shin. What can I do? I think it’s ok. It certainly doesn’t hurt while I run, so I’m not going to stress about it. I think maybe I’m being slightly hypochondriatic. If that’s a word. Anyway, with my non-smoking (oops. slip on Saturday) I’m feeling generally crappy altogether, with nausea and post-nasal drip and sleeplessness, so what’s a little leg pain?

We’re going to Texas this weekend, Kristina to visit Allen and me to visit Mike and Debbie, so that will be a nice change of pace. I need a vacation bad. There’s a 5K every other Saturday in Mike and Debbie’s neighborhood, I’m thinking of running it, just for practice. The only problem is, it’s really small and I’ll probably be the last person to finish. Maybe I should just run 5K, but not in the 5K. If I run 10 times around their cul-de-sac, it’s a 5K. Anyway, I want my first 5K to be with Kristina. It’ll be more memorable that way.

It’s raining today a bit, so hopefully that will cool things off some for tonight. Even better, maybe it’ll still be raining. I can dream…