July 26, 2001

Yesterday was good! Of course, it stopped raining, and by the time we got to the park, around 7:30 pm, it was getting muggy. All of that rain just sitting in the air. Why it can’t just stay in the puddles is beyond me.

Anyway, we decided that we’d go twice around the park (a total of 3.54 miles) to try to figure out how long it’d take us to do the 5K (which is in 3.5 weeks now). So I started my watch after we had walked a bit, so I figure I timed about 3.25 miles. Which took us 45 minutes. So I guess it’ll take us around, oh, 43 minutes to do the actual 5K. Which is okay, because I looked at the results of last year’s race, and the last people finished in 59 minutes. We’d actually be near the back of the middle of the pack. If that makes sense. But then again, we still have a few weeks to get better, and I think the excitement of the race will help. Anyway, I don’t care. If we go too fast, we’ll have a hard time improving the next time around!

I think I may be coming down with a cold. Still. This morning I woke up and felt like my left tonsil (?) was swollen. Now it just feels like a bad post-nasal drip. Eww. So I may not go this afternoon. Or may just walk. On the other hand, it’s raining in a less-pleasant way today, so maybe I should just forget it. We’ll see.