3 months old!

Yesterday the boys turned three months old. Three months?!? Where has the time gone? Seriously. I have a feeling I’ve said that every month and that I will continue to do so…

At their ped visit, their stats were:

Linus:  12 lbs, 14.5 oz (25-50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)

Oliver: 13 lbs, 5 oz (50th percentile); 23.75″ long (25-50th percentile)

Miles: 12 lbs, 7.5 oz (25th percentile); 22.75″ long (10th percentile)

So Oliver’s still my chunk, and Miles is still my runt.  The doctor eased my worries about their development (I think I’m just paranoid about it, and have to continually remind myself that while physically, they’re normal for their age, developmentally we have to go by their adjusted age.) and said they’re healthy boys. They got two shots each, and handled them pretty well.

Let’s see…what can I say about them?

– Eating up to 6 oz at a feeding, but mostly 3-4 at a time.
– Sleeping a 5-6 hour stretch in the late evening, but for the most part, still eating every 3 hours during the night. Ugh.
– We’re getting pretty decent smiles out of all of them, but it’s still pretty sporadic. Better than nothing.
– They make the cutest “gaah” and “oooooh” and “awww” sounds. Kills me.
– They don’t poop nearly as much as they used to. Whew!

On a related note, I sent my MFM a birth announcement and a note saying how grateful I was to him and his staff for getting my boys to me so healthy. Today I got a note in the mail from him. I was almost in tears reading it.

“Pam –
Thanks for the pictures and the nice words. Your boys are beautiful. You did more than any of us to get them here safely.
Miracles are possible – AR”

Sniff, sniff. See why I loved him?




Also, did anyone see the article about the identical triplets in NY? It’s kind of annoying, because where the heck was my news conference? Heh. For the record, no, I still haven’t found out if they’re identical. So when I do find out, then do I get to be famous? Hee!

12 thoughts on “3 months old!

  1. Harris Boys

    awww….sniff sniff about your doctor. That is SO sweet! Glad to hear the boys are healthy and growing like weeds!! Can’t wait to find out if they are identical. I think they are…so CUTE! Happy 3 months boys!!!


  2. pam

    anon – we have those shirts!!! in fact, two of the boys wore them to the doctor yesterday. but miles puked on his. sigh.


  3. Anonymous

    I saw the story about the other family and immediately thought of you. Call them up and clue them in :-)The boys are adorable!!


  4. the schirano triplets

    I thought the same thing when I saw that story! In fact, I turned to my mom and said that is a big fat lie, I know someone who JUST had identical triplets 3 months ago. Then I wondered (out loud)where all of the diapers were for all of us triplet Mommys! Lol!I cannot believe how cute your boys are – I love those dimples! Happy 3 month birthday Linus, Oliver & Miles!


  5. Hilary

    They have the cutest little dimples! Just wondering, how would you go about testing them to see if they’re identical? DNA swab?


  6. mandy

    so adorable. we can’t wait to see you guys this weekend. i am also paranoid about annabel’s development. why do books have to have “milestones”… just like all pregnancies are different – so too are all babies (which is what mike reminds me every time i worry)… i still worry.


  7. Karen

    Your boys are HUGE! HUGE I TELL YOU! Your runt is almost as big as my GIANT! My Sam is 12 pounds 13 ounces and he’s my biggest (and they’re 24 weeks old). My girls don’t come close! I’m pretty annoyed about the statistic that North Shore Hospital is citing on the rate of identical triplets. Let’s assume that your triplets are identical… yours were spontaneous which makes yours even more of a rarity, actually, because monozygotic twinning occurs more frequently with IVF than it does in the general population. So I’m not so impressed with the woman in NY. But if we pretend like the statistic the hopsital cited is correct… 1 in 200 million births are identical triplets… that would imply that there are only 1.5 sets of identical triplets in the US today. Let’s assume that your set ARE identical, plus her set, that means NO OTHER IDENTICAL TRIPLETS CAN EXIST IN THE US. This can’t be. Therefore, this is a bunch of crap. Plus, they say you can’t know for sure with spontaneous triplets if they are identical, but you can know for sure with her because they only transferred one embryo and they shared a placenta. Bully for her, but hello? With spontaneous triplets, they CAN share a placenta (they don’t have to, of course, to be identical), and you can know with REASONABLE certainty if they’re identical with DNA testing. When do you think you’ll know? I think you SHOULD hold a news conference because you are WAY the hell more special because yours were just a big old HUGE SURPRISE!But I’m not bitter. Oh no, not me. Maybe I’m a LITTLE bitter about the fact that she’s getting free diapers for two years for doing nothing remarkable at all.


  8. Jennifer

    I saw that the story was coming up on the Today Show, and I was late to work because I stayed home to watch and see if it was you!! When will you find out? Your boys are getting so big!


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