Had a nice weekend, but boy am I tired now! For some reason I couldn’t get to sleep last night. That was definitely the first time that’s happened since the boys were born. It might be because I slept in until 11:30 yesterday (but of course it was really 10:30, and that doesn’t count the 3 times we got up to feed babies for an hour at a time.) Miles had started fussing at 10ish, so I brought him to bed with me (George had already gotten up.) It was sweet, snuggling with my Miles-bear.

Anyhoo. This weekend, the boys had their first trip to the pub! (Ex-utero, that is. I had plenty of mocktails at the pub while pregnant.) They agreed that Guinness is yucky and they vastly prefer gin and tonics. Ha! I kid, of course. We didn’t even go inside, we sat by the picnic table outside with some friends and their little girl. Didn’t even stay long, it was pretty cold. But George was happy that he got to show them where Mommy and Daddy met. Hee hee!

Oh backing up, on Friday night I went to the Mothers of Triplets meeting. It was so nice to meet other people who have gone through what we’re going through. One of the best parts was seeing the other two moms who had their babies when I had mine. (Remember the news story? Although, now, looking again, I can’t help noticing the errors in the story. First they call Oliver Owen, and they got Miles’ weight wrong. Whatever.) I can’t wait for the ten of our kids to get together again, outside of the NICU!

Yesterday was Friendship Day, a big neighborhood block party. The weather was gorgeous. We even got a family pic:

10 thoughts on “3/10/08

  1. Brandi

    hehe, their first trip to the pub. I think Miles and Ethan must have schemed a little on Saturday morning. Ethan had his first trip to the Bulldog this weekend.And I couldn’t sleep last night either… Just too wound up from the fun weekend. Glad you guys had a nice one too πŸ™‚


  2. Anonymous

    You all look so great! Thanks for sharing that pic.We’ll all be coming down THREE WEEKS from today!!! Can’t wait!Love,Jennifer


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