Last night there was a champagne toast at the pub. George and I met there, you know, almost 18 years ago (!) This was for the 10th anniversary of the current owners taking over. So glad they did, and that it’s still around!

Christmas 2017!

Obviously, I wrote this post last week. Oops!

I can’t believe Christmas was two days ago already! Ain’t that how it goes. The post-holiday blues are settling in a bit, so I’m glad tomorrow we’ll be heading to Baton Rouge to spend time with my sister and her family.

Anyway, we had a nice Christmas. We had steak for dinner on Christmas eve, and then the boys and I read The Night Before Christmas together (cue heart melting) and I made them take pictures with their stockings, and then I sent them to bed so Santa could come. (Not that they believe, but they like to pretend anyway.)

I spent another hour wrapping a bazillion presents and drinking my traditional eggnog daiquiri that I had procured earlier in the day. And then I put together the eggnog French toast we were going to have for breakfast. (Yeah, I like eggnog.)

img_6215We were ready!

The next morning, the boys were up before 7, but I told them they weren’t allowed to wake us up until then. But at 7 on the dot, they dragged me out of bed to open their gifts.

We had quite the pile under the tree, and we all made pretty quick work of it. Their big present was my old laptop from work (I got my new one last week) so I wrapped up the old box to remind them why they didn’t get anything huge.

They got clothes and drawing supplies and lots of Pop figures (they’re obsessed) and books and new towels. (I know, towels don’t seem super exciting for 10 year old boys, but they have been complaining about the size of our bath towels so I got them each their own bath sheet.)

I also made out like a bandit. I got a lovely necklace that the boys picked out, a bracelet with a stamped piece (101010 on one side, 42 on the other – 42 is my lucky number, and 101010 is 42 in binary, and also this year the boys are 10 and I am 42.) I also got an electric wine opener and a Tile and a new skillet from Kiki. Oh! And a case for my new laptop. And a coloring book that is for grown-up eyes only. Oh! And a macro lens and case for my phone. (Would love the telephoto lens too, thank goodness my birthday is next week, eh?) Man, I got spoiled. The boys also got me cards and Oliver wrote I was the best mom on Earth, which made me cry. (Sorry, all other moms on Earth!)


Anyway, after that excitement was over, we had breakfast and I made a salad to bring to the pub later. Yep, George’s dream came true and we got to spend Christmas at the pub. There was a huge spread of food and a bunch of our friends and thankfully a friend of the boys’ as well. It was a lovely lunch, but we did miss having family around.


Later, I brought the boys home with their friend Ethan, and they played Just Dance, which was adorbs.


And after Ethan went home, Linus and Oliver and I played Ticket to Ride, which was fun and only resulted in a few fights and tears. I also made the bittersweet discovery that they like tamales, which is bittersweet because Terry makes them only at certain times of year, and now I have to share them. Ugh. (Fortunately, I found that Costco sells decent ones that they’ll eat.)


The end!


Had a nice weekend, but boy am I tired now! For some reason I couldn’t get to sleep last night. That was definitely the first time that’s happened since the boys were born. It might be because I slept in until 11:30 yesterday (but of course it was really 10:30, and that doesn’t count the 3 times we got up to feed babies for an hour at a time.) Miles had started fussing at 10ish, so I brought him to bed with me (George had already gotten up.) It was sweet, snuggling with my Miles-bear.

Anyhoo. This weekend, the boys had their first trip to the pub! (Ex-utero, that is. I had plenty of mocktails at the pub while pregnant.) They agreed that Guinness is yucky and they vastly prefer gin and tonics. Ha! I kid, of course. We didn’t even go inside, we sat by the picnic table outside with some friends and their little girl. Didn’t even stay long, it was pretty cold. But George was happy that he got to show them where Mommy and Daddy met. Hee hee!

Oh backing up, on Friday night I went to the Mothers of Triplets meeting. It was so nice to meet other people who have gone through what we’re going through. One of the best parts was seeing the other two moms who had their babies when I had mine. (Remember the news story? Although, now, looking again, I can’t help noticing the errors in the story. First they call Oliver Owen, and they got Miles’ weight wrong. Whatever.) I can’t wait for the ten of our kids to get together again, outside of the NICU!

Yesterday was Friendship Day, a big neighborhood block party. The weather was gorgeous. We even got a family pic:


Ugh. Was home sick yesterday. Still not feeling 100% today, but better. And is anything worse than being home sick and having the internet down? I don’t think so. I couldn’t even play online! Sheesh. And the DVR is messing up, so it was hard to watch tv. Pout. Ah well.

The weekend was jam-packed with fun. Could barely cram more fun into weekend. Har. Friday night…um I can’t remember. Oh yeah, our halfiversary! Went to the Crescent City Brewhouse. Had yummy pasta. Went to pub. Saturday we cleaned and I baked cake and made ice cream. Went to friend Terry and Rob’s going away party that afternoon, and then ended up at (guess).

Sunday I gave George his birthday present – a grill. He was excited. I’m excited for him to start cooking me dinner on it! Hee hee. My mom came in, we had lunch. Bought Ellie a birthday present. (One of many.) Went to my house so Mom could see the new countertops (she was suitably impressed.) Wasn’t feeling well at this point. Poor George, not a very fun birthday, I’m sure. He went to (guess) while I stayed home.

Blah blah blah. I’m a big groggy because of the Tylenol PM I took last night. Zzzzzz.


Whew! I need a weekend from this weekend. V busy.

Friday night, we went to dinner at Amy and Van’s house. Amy and Van are 2/3 of the band that played at our wedding. Amy likes frogs. A lot. Dinner was yummy.

On Saturday, I voted and then went across the river to help out at my friend Angela’s cafe’s booth at French Quarter fest. It went well, but it was very exhausting. Only four hours of work, so I feel like a bit of a wuss. But seriously, I must’ve dished out a million Barbecue Shrimp Po-boys. Mmmm. Lots of butter.

After that, it was time to start getting ready for prom! Wooo! Prom was fun. That’s all I can say about that…really, pictures tell the story better:

Sunday involved a bit of recovery from prom, plus a gym visit, some bread baking (sourdough, mmmm) and then a barbecue at a friend’s house. Lots of meat. Reminded me of the time we went to the Brazilian barbecue restaurant when I went to NYC with Kristina and Anne and Marianne. (I won’t attempt to spell the name of the restaurant here.) Anyway. Not making much sense.

Four years ago today, I was nervous. I had a date the next night. I hadn’t been on a proper date in a very long time. Who was this “George” I’d met a few nights before?


Oh, I hope I work tomorrow! Please, please please please let me work tomorrow! And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And the ones after that, and so on and so forth so I can pay the rent next month. Blecccch.

Had a lovely, lovely weekend. Spent most of it with George, hence the loveliness of it. Thursday night, I did the unthinkable – saw George Porter in concert. I always swore I’d never see him again, but George wanted to go, so I went. And had fun, if only because of the company (siiiigh…am I sad or what?) Earlier that night we went to pub quiz night, and lost…again…but played with these four 21 year old girls who made me feel reeeeeally old. I think that we grow up more from our early to late twenties than in any other time of our lives. So far, anyway. So on Friday, I hung out with George (he had taken the day off work) and went home, took a nap, and went to the Quarter with Kristina and John and his new girlfriend, Blair, who we adored. Yay! We drank all sorts of fruity concoctions and got pretty tipsy, but had a great time. Spent Saturday with George, just hanging out, then went home, took a nap (sound familiar?) and went to Anne’s mom’s house for dinner. It was really nice to see her, not least because she was so happy to see us. Always nice. Then Kristina and George and I met up with John and Blair again at the R Bar and just stayed there most of the night. Good people, good fun, great time. Life is wonderful! (Except for the unemployment stress…)

Today Kristina and I saw “Insomnia” which was okay. Not the type of movie I like to see, in general, but it was a good way to pass the afternoon. Then we rented the videotape of the last five episodes of the third season of Sex & the City. Sad to see it end. Wish season four would come out on video right now!!!

Please let me work tomorrow!!!!