Oh, I hope I work tomorrow! Please, please please please let me work tomorrow! And Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And the ones after that, and so on and so forth so I can pay the rent next month. Blecccch.

Had a lovely, lovely weekend. Spent most of it with George, hence the loveliness of it. Thursday night, I did the unthinkable – saw George Porter in concert. I always swore I’d never see him again, but George wanted to go, so I went. And had fun, if only because of the company (siiiigh…am I sad or what?) Earlier that night we went to pub quiz night, and lost…again…but played with these four 21 year old girls who made me feel reeeeeally old. I think that we grow up more from our early to late twenties than in any other time of our lives. So far, anyway. So on Friday, I hung out with George (he had taken the day off work) and went home, took a nap, and went to the Quarter with Kristina and John and his new girlfriend, Blair, who we adored. Yay! We drank all sorts of fruity concoctions and got pretty tipsy, but had a great time. Spent Saturday with George, just hanging out, then went home, took a nap (sound familiar?) and went to Anne’s mom’s house for dinner. It was really nice to see her, not least because she was so happy to see us. Always nice. Then Kristina and George and I met up with John and Blair again at the R Bar and just stayed there most of the night. Good people, good fun, great time. Life is wonderful! (Except for the unemployment stress…)

Today Kristina and I saw “Insomnia” which was okay. Not the type of movie I like to see, in general, but it was a good way to pass the afternoon. Then we rented the videotape of the last five episodes of the third season of Sex & the City. Sad to see it end. Wish season four would come out on video right now!!!

Please let me work tomorrow!!!!