Okay, so those prayers went unanswered. No work so far. But a few leads. Sarah knows someone at Tulane who may need help with a database, but she hasn’t called or emailed me back, so I’m not holding out much hope for that. I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday to fill out a job application. Laurie’s James put a little note on it, maybe that’ll help. I almost went to the unemployment office Monday, but I didn’t. Or yesterday. I chickened out, I’ll be honest about it.

Kristina left for Virginia this morning, she’s getting lasic surgery on her eyes. Lucky! Although I don’t know if I’d ever get it myself because I don’t like people cutting my eyeball open, I’m envious that she won’t have to wear glasses or contacts again. Maybe if she says it’s not so bad, I’ll consider it one day. She at least can wear contacts, I personally hate them, so I’m stuck with glasses. Which I also hate. So maybe one day…

Anne’s sister Becky’s friend (and ours) Jen is coming in town tomorrow. I get to entertain her. Yay! I’m going to take her to, um, well, okay, Algiers for pub quiz night. Hey, she went to Yale. Maybe we’ll actually win something this week!

Oh yeah, and I finally got my official marathon photos! Yay! Woo hoo! Of course, the dreaded fanny pack (perhaps I should just call it a waist pack to avoid any cross-cultural faux pas) makes me look disgusting, but other than that, I’m happy about them. It’s exciting! Except that they actually want me to send back two of the photos. *&#($ that! I don’t think so! Let ’em come after me (or put the cost on my mom’s credit card. Either one is fine with me.) So here they are: