Still jobless. Whatever. I’m resigned to it. Thank god I at least have a small inheritance from my dad I can use if I’m desperate. Which I’m about to be. So I’m not going to dwell on it anymore.

Went running yesterday. Made up a new workout. Ran as fast as I could for a quarter mile, then walked a quarter mile, and repeated 4 or so times. One of my quarter miles, I ran in 2:13!!! That’s an under 9:00 pace! Holy cow! Of course, I’d die before I could keep that up for more than a quarter mile, but maybe…after I do it for a while…then try it in a cooler climate or in the fall…maybe then I’ll be able to sustain it longer… I think for my run today I’m going to drag out my heart rate monitor. That’ll be fun. Even better, I think I’ll wear it all day today. It’ll add a little bit of sorely-needed excitement to my life. Watching my heart rate. Sigh.