Applied for some new jobs today. See, I’m not completely lazy in my unemployment! One of them sounded really cool, as a Mac Artist for some investment firm. I’m sure I’ll never hear from them, but that’s their loss. Hmmph. Also added some new pictures to my photos page, just for fun. Blah, blah, blah. Last night there was a show on the Outdoor Life Network (or the Canadian channel as Kristina and I call it, since their logo features a big maple leaf) about the London Marathon. Curiously enough, Chris and I weren’t in it. Hmmph. But it was cool to watch anyway. Also, we saw “The Importance of Being Earnest” yesterday. It was goooood. Okay, okay, so Colin Firth could pick his nose for an hour and I’d pay to see it, but really, it was very entertaining.

Chris and the BR kids are having a luau in July and they decided to make it a Pam going away party. Aren’t they just swell? That should be fun. Of course, now that I really think about moving, it depresses me terribly. Makes me sad. I can’t not move, it’s something I really need to do, but right now, I just…don’t…wanna!