August 7, 2001

Well, it’s been a slow couple of days, running-wise. I ended up going to Baton Rouge on Saturday. I did manage to fix Dee’s treadmill, and went 1.5 miles on it. It’s so wobbly though on the thick carpet that I didn’t run much of it. The upside is, I did walk some “hills” which is a novelty for me.

Sunday was a non-running day – Kristina and I went to the Weakest Link auditions. We didn’t make it to the second round. It was more nerve-wracking than I thought it was going to be – we had to stand in front of 120 people and say our names, ages, occupation, and an interesting thing about ourselves. I couldn’t think of anything so I said “I read the encyclopedia when I was little” which got a tiny reaction, but obviously not enough for them. They did say that they’d be back in 6 months, so maybe we’ll have better luck then. At least we can practice next time.

Kristina went up to New York yesterday for an interview with a big fancy law firm, so I went running by myself. Not very far or for very long, but at least I got outside. I went for about 25 minutes, just around the neighborhood. I couldn’t get into it enough to run much, so I mostly walked. Better than nothing, I’m sure. There were some moving guys working in a van near my apartment. They said hello to me, and I said hello back, but then they started laughing at me. Not sure why, but it didn’t help my mood any. Hrmmph.

Chris isn’t sure now if he’ll be able to go to London with me. I hope he can. I really don’t want to be running for 5 hours or whatever by myself. I will go alone if I have to, though.

If it isn’t raining when I get home, I’m going to go to the park. Half of it’s closed right now, but Sarah said I should be able to run up and down the open half. That’ll be good. I miss the park.