August 3, 2001

Yesterday was just a short run. We had to fit it in between the Fresh Prince and Friends. So only half an hour. Since the park is still presumably closed (will have to check that out for sure later) we went a bit around the neighborhood. In all, we were only gone about 25 minutes (if that) and ran about 6 of it. I feel like I’m slipping out of the habit. Must get back into it.

It’s too bad we didn’t go further yesterday, the weather was nice. At one point, we felt a cool (!!) breeze! Well, not chilly or anything, but definitely not hot! Very exciting. But we didn’t have time, and my left shin has started to hurt again. By the time we got back to the apt, the pain was almost as bad as it was in the beginning! Perhaps I took too much time off. But I stretched for a long time and then iced it for a while, so it doesn’t feel so bad today.

I think what I really need to figure out now is how to lose weight. A lot of it. I’d like to go to a nutritionist, but I know I can’t afford that. I’d like to join a gym so I can get lots of cross-training in, but I definitely can’t afford that, either. What do I do? Do I just continue as I am and hope I lose 50 pounds in the next 6 months? Not likely. Even with the cooler weather, I’m just going to get injured if I run enough to lose that kind of weight. It’s a tough call…

BTW, Sportbrain is now officially out of business. Hrmmph.

Off to Baton Rouge this afternoon. Might see if I can fix Dee’s treadmill and run on that. Could be interesting.