July 31, 2001

We didn’t go running yesterday after all. I was in such a horrible mood, I just wanted to lay on the couch. So I did. Then I felt better (until I checked my bank balance online and discovered it was negative. But at least then I had a reason for feeling crappy.)

We decided to go running this morning, so we got up at 6:20 or so and were out the door by 6:35. It was warm, and humid, but not as bad as it has been in the evenings. Or not worse, at least. We walked the first few blocks (still waking up) and then ran, from about 3 blocks from Camp, and then up Camp past Louisiana a few blocks. It was awesome! I feel like I finally got a glimpse of the “runners high” that I’ve been waiting for. For about 5 or 6 blocks, my legs were moving, my arms were moving, I was breathing rhythmically and easily – it was great! I could have gone further, I think. I felt like I could have run miles like that (although, let’s be honest, I probably couldn’t have). But then I made the fatal mistake of telling Kristina how great I felt, which messed up my breathing enough to bring me down to Earth a little. And it sounded like she was struggling a little, or at least not breathing as easily as I was, so I suggested we stop, and we did.

We didn’t run too much more, maybe 5 or 6 more blocks after that, but overall it was a really good run. The last two times I ran in the morning, I got really tired near the middle of the day, and had to take a nap. Unfortunately, that won’t be possible today. But I should get used to this morning running, since that’s when I’ll have to do it in the fall and winter. (Not that I’m complaining – I can’t wait for that!)