August 15, 2001

Yesterday was better. We went around the park twice. Well, it took us 52 minutes, but that means we were averaging 14:30 miles. Yikes. Actually, considering we only ran about 5 minutes of that, I suppose it’s not all that bad. I’m sure if we just walked the whole way, we could do the whole 5K in 45 minutes, which is our goal. So maybe I should rethink our goal. No, better not. Then we’ll be pleasantly surprised if we do it in under 45 minutes. Hmmm.

It’s pretty overcast outside right now, I don’t know if we’re going to go running today or take a break. I wouldn’t mind running. Just once around.

Last night Kristina made a really yummy chicken dish. Creamy cheesy sauce. Mmmmm. But this morning, I weighed myself and the scale said I’ve lost 7 lbs since the last time I weighed myself (about 3 weeks ago). I wonder if it’s true…that scale is a piece of crap, so who knows. We’ll see…

Nevertheless, I’m getting really sick of this Somersizing crap. I just want to eat a sandwich! Even a healthy sandwich! Blech. Only two more weeks of this. Thank god.