August 14, 2001

5 days…ack! I’m a little nervous. Not too nervous, though, because at least I’ll be with lots of friends. Anne’s running it with us, and Chris, and maybe Ren and Gary. So it’ll be fun. And Maura’s coming in town this weekend, and we’re going out because it’s Anne’s last weekend in town, so it should be a nice weekend.

Yesterday, Kristina and I both felt really crappy when we went to the park – I had cheated earlier in the day with a little chocolate (I felt so much better after I had some sugar that I don’t regret it) and with our lack of carbs all day long, neither of us had much energy, but it felt good just to get outside. It wasn’t even too hot. Today we’re going to go twice around (well, it’s my goal to convince Kristina to), hopefully in under 45 minutes. I think we can do that. I had carbs for breakfast and didn’t feel nearly as yucky as yesterday (but I still got a bit itchy around lunchtime). I just don’t know how well I can deal with no sugar. I love sugar. I don’t care how bad it is, I love it. Sigh.

Last night Anne and Jason came over to watch a movie and brought Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids. Even a bag just for us! (Thoughtful, yeah.) Anne hid one of the bags in Kristina’s room (strangely, they didn’t trust me enough to hide it in my room – hmmph) but it was rather torturous to listen to them eating the lovely, sugary candy, while we had Diet Coke for dessert. Ick.