August 13, 2001

Only 6 days until the 5K! And I have been really slacking off for the past couple of weeks. Friday, I had Kristina drop me off at the St. Charles side of the park, and I walked up it, and around a bit until I reached Perrier, and then I walked home from there. I estimate it was about 3 miles total, and it took me exactly 45 minutes. I only ran a few blocks of it, I just didn’t feel up to running. I don’t know why.

Yesterday, Kristina and I decided to try the Somersize program. I can’t believe I’m letting Suzanne Somers dictate what I eat, but the recipes in the book are really yummy. And Kristina’s mom sent her the book after she used it and she said it works, so why not? I’m really just interested in losing a lot of weight right now, I don’t really care how I go about it (healthy, I know) because once I get enough weight off to be able to run further, I can use the running to maintain. I certainly don’t want to use this eating plan forever, because you can’t eat much sugar and carbs are discouraged, which doesn’t exactly fall in line with running nutrition.

It’s raining today, but I’m going running no matter what.