August 9, 2001

Kristina was really tired when she got home (and her feet hurt) so I went running alone. Not for very long, we were both hungry and wanted to go to Louisiana Pizza Kitchen for dinner. I went around the neighborhood again, just zig-zagging along the streets. I only went for about 20 minutes, but it was pretty nice because the weather wasn’t bad at all – it was relatively cool (probably high 80s) and not very humid. I was still having a bit of trouble with endurance, though. I hope that it doesn’t mean that I won’t get better when it gets cooler. Hmmm.

Ren had the idea that we should get someone (not Gary, he’s a masochist) to drop us off somewhere sort of far away (5 miles or so) and then we have no choice but to get home. I think that’s a good idea. When Kristina and I were going to LPK, we discovered that Carrollton is only 3 miles from Louisiana. It seems so much further! I can’t believe it. That means if I ran from Milan to Carrollton and back, it’d only be about 5 miles! Sheesh. When I have to do the 18-20 mile training runs, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I guess the levee. I just hope I don’t have to run all the way to Kenner to get the miles in. Ugh.

I’m thinking of going to the kickoff meeting for the Team in Training next week. I don’t think I’d use them for this marathon, but I just want to find out what it’s all about – maybe do it in the future. Maybe the Dublin Marathon next year. Nice!