August 27, 2001

Ahhh, Monday. Fun weekend. Friday afternoon we went to the park, walked around twice. Ran about 1/4 of the way around at the end, though. At least it was something. But then we were too tired to go out so we just stayed home and watched Trainspotting.

Saturday, we went to the main library downtown, and I checked out some books. I had dreamt about going to the library the night before, so it seemed fitting. Then we went and ate lunch at TGI Friday’s in the Quarter. That seems like it should be very wrong, but whatever. I wasn’t feeling so hot, but after lunch, we went down to the French Market and Kristina bought some stuff – candles, a watch, and she had bought a t-shirt at Virgin earlier. I didn’t buy anything (because I’m currently broke) but after that we went and had coffee at CC’s. Then, we wandered back towards the Aquarium and went to the IMAX theatre and watched the Cyberworld 3-D movie. It was cool. I suppose the point of all this, is that we walked pretty far that day, so it wasn’t so important that we didn’t go running.

That night, Kristina, Jason, and I went to the pub in Algiers. That was fun. After that, we went to dba, then finally to the Avenue. It was a fun night, nothing terribly exciting, but fun. I really wanted to smoke, but of course, I didn’t. I think no matter how strong my cravings are, when it gets down to it, I really just don’t want to smoke. And if I can resist when I’ve been drinking, well…that’s some kind of willpower! It’s comforting, since Wednesday is my last day on the patch.

Sunday, we woke up late, and Kristina was very hungover. It’s amazing how not smoking can make you not hungover, because I drank almost as much as Kristina, but she smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes. So after lazing around the house, and giggling a lot (surely that must be good for something? abs?) we went to Rite-Aid and to LPK for dinner (thank god Kristina was too hungover to Somersize, or to care.)

That was pretty much it for the weekend. UKtoYou got two sales this weekend, seems like things are finally picking up. Yeah! I’m going to Baton Rouge after work on Thursday, and staying until Sunday or possibly Monday. Jenny’s coming into town on Saturday. Yippee.

Oh yeah, and the scale this morning read -7 lbs since I started running. Hmmmmm…