August 28, 2001

Today is Jenny’s birthday. She is 29. Ack! I can’t believe she’s almost 30!

Last night, in lieu of going running (it was rainy all afternoon, but it stopped by the evening) we walked to Sav-a-Center. I wore my new Adidas Cairo ’01 shoes that I got in the mail yesterday from Road Runner Sports. Yay! Exciting! They’re motion control, but my other shoes are stability, so we’ll see if these are more appropriate. I would think so, but who knows. I’m no expert. They are pretty, and they were extremely cheap (something like 66% off!)

We only ran a little bit on the way to the store (wanted to test out the new shoes – so far so good) but we were so hungry there was no more running going on. Today is going to be a real running day, though. Maybe we can go further than 1.5 miles…who knows?