September 18, 2001

What a two weeks it’s been. Yesterday was the first time I’ve run since Chris and I ran our virtual 5Ks, but surprisingly, I did better than ever. First though, a recap:

– Thursday, 6 Sept: Arrived in California that evening.

– Friday, 7 Sept: After I woke up and puttered around Evan and Jennifer’s apartment for a while, I walked to Old Town Pasadena. Just a street with lots of shops, some that we don’t have here, but nothing terribly exciting. I spent the morning looking for a particular bookstore, but didn’t find it, and then Evan and I had lunch (fish tacos – not nearly as bad as it sounds!) and then, after lunch, he dropped me back at his place so I could rest (I didn’t sleep well the night before). Later that afternoon, I walked to his office (and noticed for the first time that there are mountains very close to Pasadena!) and then we picked Jennifer up from work and headed to Los Angeles to the studios for Whose Line Is It Anyway? We thought we wouldn’t make it it, there’s only room for about 300 people, and our numbers were 302, 303, and 304. But we made it in and despite it lasting almost five hours, our hands being blistered from clapping, and our throats sore from laughing, it was fun. Just very tiring. After the show was completed (Halloween show! We’re in the front row!) we went to some diner that’s supposedly famous.

– Saturday, 8 Sept: Drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu, where we ate at a biker bar/seafood restaurant. I’m sure the bikers are more like rich actors than Hells Angel’s, but whatever. We didn’t see anyone famous there. Then we walked on the beach a little, then drove to Santa Monica. We had planned on going to the Getty that night, but we decided not to, and walked on the pier and ate at some Japanese soul food restaurant instead. We also drove around Hollywood, and I saw some of the “sights.” Finally, we drove around looking for some old ice cream shop that was on the radio that morning. We finally found it and got some ice cream.

– Sunday, 9 Sept: Jennifer had to work, so Evan and I went to Chinatown for dim sum (my first time – interesting to have barbecue for breakfast…hmmm) and then to the Getty. Nice museum, we didn’t have much time for it. My favorite part was definitely the garden. Beautiful. When we got back to Pasadena, Jennifer and I went and had tea at the Rose Tree Cottage. It was nice (if overpriced) but the best part was not the cucumber sandwiches, but the earthquake I felt! It wasn’t bad, it only lasted a few seconds, but it was a real jolt! Cool! Later we grilled steaks and mashed the organic potatoes we had purchased at an organic farm the day before.

– Monday, 10 Sept: Not much went on today, I made it to the bookshop I had been looking for on Friday and went to Target as well. We cooked again that night and I prepared to go home the next morning.

– Tuesday, 11 Sept through Friday, 14 Sept: Well, obviously I didn’t make it home on Tuesday. I finally made it home on Saturday afternoon after a long and wearying trip. But that’s ok. Spent most of my “vacation extension” watching tv, emailing friends, reading the news. What else could I do, really? Watched some movies. Walked for 2.5 hours one day around Pasadena, then later that evening went walking around the Rose Bowl with Jennifer.

Now, about last night….Kristina and I only had a limited amount of time before the Weakest Link came on, so we just started running as soon as we got onto the pathway at the park….and didn’t stop running until we went all the way around, and got back to the car! 1.8 miles! A new record! Afterwards, I felt fine, though my knees felt a bit wobbly and my hip got sore while I was running. I think that’s just because my back was sore from the trashcan game on Sunday (don’t ask.)