October 1, 2001

Today Kristina quit smoking! I’m so proud of her! We went and bought a couple of boxes of patches for her, and she just called me to tell me how easy it is so far! Yay!

And this Saturday is our second 5K, the Race for the Cure. I’m excited. I don’t think I’ll beat my PR (tee hee) of 39:05, because we went out too fast on that one, and ended up dying at the end. It’s funny how that’s what all the books warn you against – going out too fast because you’ll die at the end – and it’s always the dumb runners who do that. And that was me. Guess going out and buying a ton of running books didn’t help all that much. ha ha. But this time, I know what our pace is, it’s 12:45 or so if we want to go any reasonable distance. And if we manage to do that for 3.1 miles, then great, we might beat our times, but we haven’t been able to run that far yet. Maybe the excitement of the race will do it? If we walk at all, I don’t think we’ll beat our times. Oh well, I’m not worried about it. I’d rather run a smarter race than a faster race.

So we didn’t run on Friday evening, we went out to eat instead (but we walked there! OK, it’s only a block away.) But we went on Saturday, in spite of our busy day, which is usually our excuse not to go on the weekends. We went to a craft fair in Mississippi, which was fun, then when we got home, went for a lap around the park. Ran a lot of it, but didn’t feel too good because our lunch was still sitting heavily in our stomachs.

Saturday night killed any chances for a run on Sunday, just getting out of bed was a feat. Oops. But we went to Anne’s mom’s house for a football party and I won $50 in the pool! Exciting!

Tonight we will go twice around the park. Yay!

Oh – forgot to mention, we went around the neighborhood a bit on Thursday evening, but Friends was on our mind (season premiere) more than running, so it was sort of half-hearted. Plus, Kristina still wasn’t feeling well, so we took it easy for her too.

Update (only 10 minutes after I wrote the above…): I just thought to myself, “wonder if anyone actually has looked at this page, besides Chris?” Yay! There are actually some entries in my guestbook! I forgot I’d even put a guestbook on the site! And so thanks to everyone who signed it (and sorry for the no-mention, Candace!!! When you do run with us, you’ll get a mention! 🙂 ) And also, to David: we do change direction every so often…thanks for the advice!