October 2, 2001

This is beginning to be more than just a running journal. I hope that’s okay. I like to have records of my life, but I can only seem to keep track sporadically. For instance, my time in London is quite well documented, with a journal and long letters to my friend Ren, who gave them back to me when I got home. It was enough that I was able to recreate almost every day of the six months we lived there when I made a “book” for Kristina and Anne about it. So by the time I run the marathon, I should be able to recreate about 8 months of my life. Isn’t that weird?

So we went running at around 6:20 yesterday, only went once around the park. We ran most of it, but my lower back was hurting a little and I had a bit of a side stitch, so we walked about 1/4 of it. Both pains were on my right side, I think we do need to change direction next time. By the time we were done, it was 6:50 and getting dark. Which means that whenever the time changes in a few weeks (I hope it’s at least that long) it’ll be getting dark at 5:50, right when I’m getting home from work. Don’t know what I’m going to do about that. I don’t really want to run in the mornings, not yet, but I may not have any choice. Maybe if I just get to work a little earlier, then I can leave earlier. That might be better.

So today we’re going around the fly as well as the park, which should add a mile and a half, if we measured correctly. That’s the area of the park that goes by the river. It’s actually the parking lot for the riverfront plus the roads that connect it to the park. (I’m sure someone else could describe that better, but it’s the morning, so I’m not going to try.)

Kristina and I have started to do some weird things. Like last night we went to dinner at Denny’s and had real meals. I’m talking pot roast and chicken. It was weird. We’ve started using coupons a lot. We’re 65 year olds trapped in 26 year old bodies. Strange. Oh well. It was fun. Oh, and also, Kristina’s doing great with the patch, no complaints yesterday. I hope it’s always this easy for her.