October 3, 2001

Yesterday, we went around the fly, 1.5 miles, and then around the park, 1.77. Supposedly, we did about a 5K. Not bad, except that it took us like 50 minutes. Ha ha! Of course, we were stopped for several minutes by a train, so maybe it was more like 45? Still bad. But we ran more of it than ever, so I think we did okay. My goal for the 5K on Saturday is not to have a faster time than the last one (39:05) but just to feel better afterwards. I think we’re better at pacing ourselves now, so it should be better.

Some muscle in my right hip was hurting yesterday during the run. During the forced train break, I stretched it, so it felt better afterwards, but it’s sore today. I need to figure out what that is so I can fix it. It’s still sore this morning. Also, my lower back gets a little achy too, only on the right side. I think I need to work on core strengthening. It feels like my back muscles are just too weak.

Good news – apparently the new Runner’s World has Baton Rouge as it’s “On the Road” article. Cool! Hopefully I’ll get it today.