October 4, 2001

Don’t know why I’m writing anything today. I didn’t run yesterday because I’m paranoid about my hip pain. Apparently, it’s a groin muscle and I may have strained it, which according to everything I’ve read, is about the worst injury you can have. Naturally. It doesn’t hurt that bad, though. I stretched it a lot last night, and so maybe if I just take it easy, it’ll be okay. I mean, the books were all talking about possible pelvic stress fractures and years of recovery. Ack! It doesn’t even hurt that bad! Just a little achy! So today, maybe we can just go for a walk and perhaps jog a teeny bit, just to see how it feels. And we’re definitely going the other way around the path if we go to the park. I’m now really convinced that the camber of the path is what’s causing this problem.

Kristina’s mom is coming in tonight, so we’re definitely not running tomorrow (going to some Oktoberfest thing, I think) which I think is good – rest before Saturday! I’m excited about this race. Not as nervous as I was for the first 5K. Yay!