October 15, 2001

Friday, we finally got to run again. The weather was so gross during the week, we really couldn’t run. Thursday it thunderstormed badly, but fortunately, Friday was clear and cool. We went to the park and ran for 27.5 minutes. Not bad! It was getting dark so instead of going around the park twice, we added the zoo parking lot, which made the total probably a bit over 2 miles. It wasn’t too hard, and we would have gone further to make it a complete 30 minutes, but it was dark by that point.

Saturday we didn’t run, but we went to Jazzland and I swear I got more exercise on the evil, evil, evil rollercoaster (which evil, evil Kristina make me go on, and sit at the back, which is apparently the fastest place to be) just clenching my stomach muscles to keep it in place and screaming my head off. Fortunately, it started storming right after that, so we had to go home and couldn’t ride it again. Too bad. I suspect we may go again this weekend, though, so I’m not really safe. I mean, I like roller coasters, but this one was a bit much. It was wooden, so it was bumpy. And it was really fast! Ack! I’m getting nervous just thinking about it now! Flashback! Aaaahhhh!

Okay, so then it was sunny again on Sunday, and this time we decided to go run on the levee. That was different, finally. I’ve been desperate for a new route, and this one will be good, I think, especially when I have to start doing long runs. Apparently, you can go all the way to Kenner on the levee, which is 20 miles away or so. We went out for 16 minutes and then turned around, but we weren’t able to run the whole way. Kristina’s knee was hurting her when she ran (I diagnosed it as her ITB giving her pain. Now my excessive reading on running is coming in handy! I have probably 4 books with stretches to help her with that. Yay!) We ran most of the way, though, and overall it was a good run. Almost 3 miles, I think. I used my pedometer again, and I think it’s almost correct now. I’m going to calibrate it at the park today since there’s a measured mile there. Kristina’s going to Dallas this afternoon for the Dallas-Redskins Monday Night Football game with Kettie and Maura, so I’ll be running alone.