December 5, 2001

Really, I don’t deserve to write anything today, but I want to remember how this feels. I want to be able to go back and read what exactly it feels like not to get up and run. I feel icky. Blobby. Lazy. Tired. I have a headache. And all for what? A few more minutes of sleep? (Okay, an hour.) Well, since I’m tired anyway, I don’t see the point. I thought I was doing something good for myself by attempting to get a decent night’s sleep, but it didn’t really work, especially because my alarm went off at 6:45 and I just reset it to go off at 7:45. So it’s not like I got uninterrupted sleep. Hrrmph.

I am definitely running tomorrow and Friday. And let me state now my goals for the 2-mile race on Saturday.

(In order of attainability:)

Goal #1: To run it in 25 minutes. I think this is reasonable, as it is only slightly faster than our normal training pace.

Goal #2: To run it in 23:30. Doable, but difficult.

Goal #3: To run it in 22:00 to 22:30. That’s 11 minute miles, which I generally can’t sustain for very long. But I’m going to try it! Woo hoo!

Let’s seeeeee…if I’m going to have goals, I have to have rewards, right? So, here they are:

If I reach Goal #1: I can be proud of myself. Come on, I don’t really deserve anything for that one.

If I reach Goal #2: I can buy some more running socks. Ask my friend Ren, I drove her nuts on Saturday talking about (and looking for inexpensive) running socks. I did end up buying some, but they were uncushioned. I want some cushioned ones. I like the ones I got at K-mart, so if I reach this goal, I will go back and get another 2 pairs (I mean, only $5 for two pairs of Coolmax, arch-supported, cushioned running socks! You can’t beat that!)

If I reach Goal #3: Hmmmm….tough one. Might have to think about it. Ideas would be welcome here…