December 6, 2001

Ahhhhh….I did it! And I feel so much better! I didn’t really think I’d want to get up this morning, because we went out last night (I only had one beer, but we stayed out until midnight…okay, I stayed out until midnight, Kristina and Ren dropped me off at home and went somewhere else after that.) and I didn’t think I’d want to get up after only 6 and a half hours of sleep (I need 8 hours a night. I am not one of those people who can get by on less.) Oddly, though, when my alarm went off, I popped out of bed. There was no question about hitting the snooze button or turning it off completely. Very strange.

So I went to the park, and ran 2 miles. Not great, but I figured out that I am really good at keeping a steady pace of 12 minute miles. Without trying, I was running 3 minute quarter miles. Interesting. After going around the park once (1.77 miles) I sped up for the last quarter mile, which felt great. It’s fun to run fast! I only wish I could do it longer. I know, I know, in time. I’m quite happy with my two miles, but even though I slowed myself down during the first 1.75 miles, and with my speed at the end, it still took me exactly 25 minutes to do those 2 miles. Hmmmm. I guess I slowed myself down too much? I suppose I spoke too soon yesterday, saying 25 minutes was a really easy goal. I mean, it’s obviously doable, but not without the big kick of speed at the end. I guess I’ll have to just go faster (a little) during the first part. Hmmm.

I think next week I’m going to start running the first week of the marathon training program, and I’m just going to do that until the training actually starts on December 24. That’s only (gulp) two weeks from Monday! Ack! So I’ll basically do Week 1 three times. I think that’s a good idea. That week consists of Monday: 3 miles, Wednesday: 4 miles, Thursday: 3 miles, Saturday: 5 miles. Oooh, and Kristina and I are going to Houston on the 14th, so I can do the long run in the woods (well, okay, a paved path through a wooded neighborhood, but that’s as outdoorsy as this girl gets.)