December 7, 2001

This morning, Kristina and I headed out to the levee to run, for a change of pace. And that way, we could go out-and-back, instead of in circles like at the park. We decided to run for 20 minutes, then turn around. The first ten minutes seemed to take forever, but then, when I looked at my watch to see if twenty minutes had passed yet (thinking it really would have only been 16 or 17 minutes) over 21 minutes had passed! We were amazed. So we turned around and ran back to where we had started. Total time, 42 minutes. We estimated how far we went (the road doesn’t completely follow the levee, so it wasn’t accurate) and it was only around 3 miles. Hopefully a bit more, like 3.5. Yeah, right. We were going sloooooow. But whatever. It upsets Kristina more than me that we’re not fast. I told her we don’t have to stay together tomorrow at the race.

It was a nice morning, weather-wise. A bit chilly (probably low to mid 60s) and foggy. My glasses kept getting little droplets of water on them and I’d have to clean them off. It was nice. There are train tracks right by the levee, and a train came by. Nice atmosphere, except the train kept blowing it’s *(@#&* horn.

Overall, I’m happy with today’s run. It is the longest we’ve ever run (the previous record was our 5K at 40:05, so we ran for two minutes longer than before.)