December 27, 2001

Week 1, Day 3
This morning, I got up and went to the park to run my three miles. Yay! And I did it! I’ve had so much trouble running at the park lately that I was sure I’d be unable to do it (yeah, that’s the attitude to have, I know) but I got there, and just started running. I honestly think that running without headphones helped. Also, it was a gorgeous cold morning, which didn’t hurt.

I couldn’t decide how I wanted to do the 3 miles on the 1.75 mile loop, it can get confusing. All those fractions! Ha ha. So I went backwards (clockwise) for 1.25 miles, then turned around and ran 1.25 miles back to where I started, then ran another half mile, then walked back to the beginning. 3 miles! And, I’m very pleased to report, I did it in 36:49, which is just over 12 minute miles (okay, okay, 12:16, of course I’ve figured it out to the second!) I seem to be getting a bit faster without trying. It used to be that I would go as slow as humanly possible, and that was 14 min/mile or slower, but now when I slow down as much as I can, it’s only about 12:45 or so per mile. Woo hooo!

I wore my new heart rate monitor, which was fun and helped pass the time too. I seemed to be in the 79-82% zone most of the time, which if I recall, is far too high for an easy run. However, I know that the range that the HRM came set with is incorrect, so I need to figure out a more correct maximum heart rate thingy. Without going to a doctor and taking expensive tests. And without running as fast as I can and killing myself. Hmmm. Need a new formula, I guess.

Last night, I blew up the exercise ball I got. Ooooh, that thing is fun! I don’t think I’ll have a problem doing my strength training now! I just don’t know how Kristina’s going to feel about having that huge ball in the living room. It won’t fit in my room, and I’m certainly not going to inflate it and deflate it every time I use it. Hmmm.

Anyway, overall, I’m pleased with my training so far. Just a liiiiitttle nervous about Saturday’s 5 miler. Yeeeeps! I hope Kristina will run it with me!