Feb 10, 2002

Ran my 12 miles yesterday! Actually, I think it was closer to 13. Ran for almost 3 hours. Ran all over Uptown New Orleans, it felt like. Ran to the park, around the park, to the levee, down the levee, up and down the fly, back around the park, and back home. Whew! No pain except my knees were achy but they’re okay now. It was a gorgeous day. Sunny, but not too hot.

Then, the parades had started. Watched the parades with my friends, had some beers. Had lots of beers. Watched more parades. Drank lots more. Went to Bourbon Street, kept drinking.

So, that was all the drinking I’m doing this Mardi Gras. I feel fine today, though. The only problem is, we walked so much yesterday that I have blisters on my toes. Gotta take care of those today with the blister block bandages I bought.

Only three more days of this madness…sigh…