February 7, 2002

A lovely, wonderful, much-needed run this morning. And 6 miles, too! My longest mid-week run yet! I remember just a few weeks ago, 6 miles was my long run! My, how times change. Ha ha. Took me 1:23, but I think I ran a bit over six miles. Yay! I ran a 10K this morning! Yay!

Running six miles has always been a milestone for me. I never felt serious until I ran 6, and there’s a strange reason why. A few years back, there was a commercial for some faucets or something (on HGTV, no doubt.) It showed a woman running through the rain and mud and streets, and afterwards, she rewarded herself with a luxurious bubble bath in her fancy tub with its fancy (naturally) faucets. She talks about how she pushed herself to run six whole miles, and now she deserved this relaxing soak. When I used to see that commercial, I thought, “six miles, what a moron” but now when I do six miles, I think “I need a bubble bath.” Okay, not really. Unfortunately, we only have a shower at our apartment. 🙂

Only a little over a week until the half marathon! I can’t believe it! I’d love to just do it in less than 3 hours. I don’t think that’ll be a problem, since I did 11 in 2:38, just add another 2 miles onto that. Uh oh. Hmmm. That’s about 23 minutes. Yikes! Well, I won’t be taking the long breaks every 2 miles like I did in that training run, so I think I can do it.

Completely off the subject…my oldest friend Kristie is moving to Boston! Ack! Her first time moving out of Baton Rouge (except for her 6 months in London)! I’m so proud of her! Yay! Of course, she’s way more adventurous than me, so I shouldn’t be so patronizing. She’s been to Thailand and Mexico, and went to Scotland and Ireland alone when she lived in London. I’m way too big of a wuss to travel alone (except to London) and you wouldn’t catch me vacationing anywhere without indoor plumbing. Anyway, she got a job in Boston and is moving at the end of the month! Wish I could visit her to watch the Boston Marathon, but ah well, it’s the day after London…maybe another year!