Nursery pics

Nursery is almost done! Thank you Kristina for helping so much this past week. I think she’s in the wrong line of work. Professional organizing would be much more her speed.

Going from left to right, from the doorway:



Changing table

The third crib

And more random shots:
Crib 1

Cribs 1 and 2

The new chair!
New chair

And the bathroom is now chock full o’ storage (and bath stuff)
Organized bathroom!

Bathroom organization

8 thoughts on “Nursery pics

  1. Anonymous

    Looks terrific, Pam! We have the same “before” photos of El’s nursery, but don’t be too disappointed if you can’t keep it all organized that way once they arrive! We don’t, and we only have one.The extra wide seat looks so comfy! And love all the decorations and fun, bright things for them to look at it. And they have the same great animal alphabet cards as El does! She did her first animal voice from them – the wolf one.Jennifer


  2. Anonymous

    The room is beauiful! I can’t wait to sit in that gorgeous chair and hold the babies. And the books…love it! Granny Karen


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