March 5, 2002

Decent run yesterday. Difficult, but not too bad. It was just one of those days when 5 miles is hard. Strange. Hopefully today will be easier. But Kristina ran with me for two laps yesterday, which was good. It’s so nice to have company!

It occurred to me, while I was running yesterday, that of all the weblogs for the London Marathon I’ve read so far, have been from men. Except, of course, for mine. Ha! I wonder where all the girls are? I can’t be the only female with an online training diary, can I? How am I supposed to know if PMS affects others in their training? ha ha!

Note to Chris: my watch started working when i got a new battery. Strange!
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Something I forgot to mention:

Back when I first started running, I bought a pair of Reeboks that gave me hellish shinsplints. So I bought an inexpensive sport insole to put inside the shoes (some Dr Scholl’s heelcup type thing) which helped, until I purchased my first pair of running shoes from a real running store.

After looking at the package for the insoles, I noticed that they offered arch support. So yesterday, I decided to try them out in my newer running shoes to see if they would help. And wouldn’t you know it, my arches didn’t hurt (hardly) at all after yesterday’s run! Today will be the true test, I think. They usually hurt more after eight miles than five. Duh.