March 6, 2002

Pretty good run yesterday, can’t complain. 8 miles around the park. It used to be the most boring route ever, that 1.75 miles around…and around…and around. Now, I find it sort of comforting. Strange. Anyway, it took the exact same amount of time as my last 8 miler – 1:44. Strange. I must be very good at pacing myself, eh?

One thing I did differently was that I had a half a CliffShot after a few miles, then had the other half when I was finished. I think that helped a lot, not only with energy during the run, but refueling afterwards.

The only bad thing about this run is that I have a wicked blister on my fourth toe on my left foot. But the arch support insoles seem to be working for my arches…no pain!