March 26, 2002

A nice run yesterday afternoon. Nice especially because Kristina ran the whole five miles with me, which is always a treat. Especially since she wasn’t moaning and complaining about how much she hates running. Ha ha. It’s hard enough for me to stay in a positive frame of mind while running without her constant bitching. But that was temporary, thank goodness. Anyway, we walked the first quarter mile of each loop of the park, for a total of .75 miles walking, 4.5 miles running. My knees and left shin were sore for the first loop, but after I was warmed up, I felt fine. Today I’m pretty sore, though. I should have iced my knees after the run. I know I need to work on some quad-strengthening exercises, but I wonder if the taper isn’t the time to do so. I think just a bit of work with the ol’ exercise ball for the next couple of weeks should be okay.

Yesterday I ordered American flag tattoos for Chris and I to wear for the marathon. We’re going to be so patriotic, me certainly more than I am in day-to-day life, but I suppose that makes sense. I’m really excited for the Crescent City Classic expo, there are supposed to be 100 exhibitors, so I should be able to find a nice, inexpensive-ish shirt for the marathon. Keeping my fingers crossed. Kristina and I are going Thursday during lunch. Woo hoo!

Tomorrow afternoon is an 8 miler, my last midweek 8 miler before the marathon. (Two weekends from now, I have a “long run” of 8 miles, but that’s different, especially since the midweek runs that week are – woo hoo! – 3, 5, and 3. Love the taper!)
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T-shirt design pretty much completed. I’m happy with them. Here’s what’s fun about them: Chris always runs to my right, so we decided to have t-shirts that only made sense when we were standing (or running) together, him to my right. So in the graphic below, the half to the left of the red line will be on my shirt, and the half to the right will be on his. Kind of like a puzzle. And our names will be on the front.


Front: (of Chris’s, duh)