Blah. This hurricane business is really getting old. This time, I hope we don’t have to evacuate, because the Race for the Cure is on Saturday and I don’t want to miss it. My first 5K since the marathon! Of course, I’ve barely run at all since then (nearly six months ago, now!) but I still want to see if I can get close to my time in my last 5K, in February, I think it was. Whatever. Plus, I want that medal that they give out to the first 1000 finishers. Not too worried though, because if I got one last year, surely I’ll get one this year. Woo hoo!

Had my second interview for the Boutte job Monday morning. I think it went pretty well, but they haven’t called me yet. Said they’d call me Monday afternoon. Sigh. That irritates me, but I suppose if I get the graphic design position (instead of production assistant) then it’ll be all worth it. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Kristie’s supposed to be flying in to Baton Rouge tonight. Woo! Will see her this weekend too. Yay!