Yay! George is home. Has been for a week. As usual, neglectful of my blog. Was a very nice reunion, no making out at the airport, not to worry. There was some couple going at it right in front of the entire arrivals area. Niiiiice.

Tooth isn’t hurting anymore. Think it was a sinus infection. Yay. Have to go to dentist again on Wednesday, just to be sure.

Got lots of nice presents from George from London. Underground socks, Coldplay CDs, book, pens, pub sign, underground sign, yay yay yay! We went and saw Harry Potter last night. Was good second time around. George liked it. Work is crazy right now. Well, actually, kind of dull. We aren’t allowed to do any projects, just help people, but they have so many people working that it’s never very busy. Hmm. And I have this weekend off, for the Celebration in the Oaks 2 mile run. So maybe the following weekend will be bad, but whatever.